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It was not until the sad passing of Miss Bea Nimrod that our work developing this site began in earnest. It is with thanks to the Joseph Nimrod Family of Connecticut that a large part of this collection of photos and articles related to the Mar Shimun Patriarchs and family members can be viewed here today. Also, our deep appreciation and love to Mr. Al Sargis. If it were not for his superior photography skills we would not have so many wonderful pictures of our beloved Mar Eshai Shimun in the later years of his life. Al captured Mar Eshai in the very essence of the way we remember him: charismatic, vibrant, and larger than life.
One last important note: our beloved Mr. Fred S. Kelaita, who worked tirelessly for HH Mar Eshai Shimun and the family was in many ways an inspiration for the work we have done both with the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation, and the development of this website. Not only did he know the truth better than all others, but as an early adopter of technology, he recognized the power of using such a platform to educate others in these undeniable truths.

Additionally, we want to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who’ve contributed to the collection you’re viewing:

Mr. Awia Yacoub Yousif Family, Morton Grove, Illinois
Mr. Peyour Thimatios Peyour (Pius Haddad) Turlock, California
Mr. David Bet-Rasho, Melbourne, Australia

Rev. Lawrance Namato, Warren, Michigan

Rev. Barkho Oshana, Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Eglanteen Warda, Ms. Sophia Kajarian, and Mr. Ninos Patros, Turlock, California
Mr. Joseph Yosip, Phoenix, Arizona
Mr. Fred Aprim, Hayward, California
Mr. David Bet-Rasho, Melbourne, Australia
Mr. Edward Nadirsha, Chicago, Il

Mr. Benyamin Malik Ismail, Turlock, California
Mr. Robert Khanishou, Sydney, Australia