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We are pleased to announce that the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation has been granted 501(c)3 charity status.  We rely on sales of book and photograph as well as cash donations that provide support for our programs.  All cash donations are tax deductible.

Today, as we witness the sad events taking place in the Middle East and most notably, the tragic Iraqi war, the devastation and impact to Assyrians is significant. Now more than ever, the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation needs your help. A portion of your purchase from our store will be redirected to needy Iraqi war refugees arriving in the US. You may also make a cash donation by clicking the Make a Donation button above.

The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation was established in 1976 in the shocking aftermath of the assassination of His Holiness, Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII Catholicos Patriarch on November 6, 1975.

This foundation is devoted to his memory and his 55 years of service and tireless efforts as the last Patriarch of the Mar Shimun lineage.  It was during this period that history notes one of the most turbulent and troubled eras for the Assyrian people.  Mar Eshai Shimun labored tirelessly to serve and preserve his beloved Church of the East and the Assyrian nation.  At the same time, our nation was fraught with tragedy as our people attempted to prevail over the atrocities brought upon us by others.  The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation will leave it to others to advocate and analyze these historic events.  The purpose of the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation is to focus on his works, deeds, struggles, and efforts during his term as Patriarch.  It is over these 55 years of service to the Church and the nation that we have published critical historical and ecclesiastical information documenting his unflagging work and commitment to his vocation.

His Holiness life devotion and mission to the glorious Church of the East sought to educate Assyrians and non-Assyrian alike around the world about our ecclesiastic doctrines, the faith of The Church of the East and the plight of the Assyrians.

The surviving d’Mar Shimun family’s intent is to keep that legacy alive by providing a factual resource in which our beloved Patriarchs mission of education continues.  Courage, honesty, and integrity were the hallmarks of Mar Eshai Shimun’s remarkable life’s work for the Church of the East and the Assyrian people.  It is with these characteristics that the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation will continue to guide itself in the future.

Donations Contributed:

2009 $5,000.00 Scholarships
2010 $2,000.00 COE India
2013 $1,000.00 ACERO
2014 $2,000.00 Assyrian Foundation America
2015 $2,500.00 Scholarships
2016 $2,500.00 Grace Acadamy
2017 $2,000.00 Grace Acadamy
2017 $10,000.00 St. Hurmiz School
2020 $1,500.00 St. John Syriac
2020 $2,500.00 Turlock Gospel Mission