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This site was developed to provide authentic information on the Succession of Patriarchs of the d’Mar Shimun family and other notable family members. Since the genesis of this idea, our site has evolved into a larger endeavor creating a greater depth of content. While it is impossible to provide detailed subject matter for all twenty-six Mar Shimun patriarchs spanning 658 years from 1318 to 1975, we are pleased to share a variety of documents, most reproduced from their original format that chronicles history as well as never before seen family items into a collection of visual library from the last few generations of Patriarchs and other distinguished family members.  (READ COMPLETE INTRODUCTION)


It was not until the sad passing of Miss Bea Nimrod that our work developing this site began in earnest. It is with thanks to the Joseph Nimrod Family of Connecticut that a large part of this collection of photos and articles related to the Mar Shimun Patriarchs and family members can be viewed here today.Also, our deep appreciation and love to Mr. Al Sargis. If it were not for his superior photography skills we would not have so many wonderful pictures of our beloved Mar Eshai Shimun in the later years of his life. Al captured Mar Eshai in the very essence of the way we remember him: charismatic, vibrant and larger than life. (READ ALL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS)

Given the time frame and advances in technology, the content that is most rich centers on our beloved Patriarch, Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII, last in the d’Mar Shimun succession. The content provided here deliberately focuses on the works of the Patriarch Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII and his fifty-five years of dedication to the Church of the East and the Assyrian people. In order not to detract from his accomplishments, we have chosen to not focus on the tragic and painful circumstance of his assassination.

In the meantime, you can now view credible and trustworthy information that is factually sound. In many cases, these documents are electronically reproduced originals of which you can be certain are not based on speculation nor conclusions derived from opinions. By browsing these archives through your visit, you may gain further knowledge and understanding of the works and deeds of the d’ Mar Shimun Patriarchs and notable family members on behalf of the Assyrian nation. If you feel you have an item(s) that may be suitable, please feel free to contact us. Over the years, numerous friends and acquaintances have sent us varied material including documents, speeches, pictures as well as audio and video tapes. This undertaking of collecting, cataloging and scanning thousands of items has been in development for the last five years, with the majority of our efforts culminating since 2005 into this site you are now visiting.

Please feel free to browse our pages and refer this site to anyone you believe might have an interest. If you wish to download information, please note that all content, including pictures, are copyright protected. Please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

As the next generation of the surviving d’Mar Shimun family members, we have not yet found a more conclusive nor comprehensive resource that contains this much accurate, reliable and credible information related to the Assyrian Patriarchs of the Mar Shimun lineage.  See Mar Eshai Shimun’s complete biography here.


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We are pleased to announce that the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation has been granted 501(c)3 charity status.  We rely on sales of book and photograph as well as cash donations that provide support for our programs.  All cash donations are tax deductible.

Today, as we witness the sad events taking place in the Middle East and most notably, the tragic Iraqi war, the devastation and impact to Assyrians is significant. Now more than ever, the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation needs your help. A portion of your purchase from our store will be redirected to needy Iraqi war refugees arriving in the US. You may also make a cash donation by clicking the Make a Donation button above.

The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation was established in 1976 in the shocking aftermath of the assassination of His Holiness, Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII Catholicos Patriarch on November 6, 1975.

This foundation is devoted to his memory and his 55 years of service and tireless efforts as the last Patriarch of the Mar Shimun lineage.  It was during this period that history notes one of the most turbulent and troubled eras for the Assyrian people.  Mar Eshai Shimun labored tirelessly to serve and preserve his beloved Church of the East and the Assyrian nation.  At the same time, our nation was fraught with tragedy as our people attempted to prevail over the atrocities brought upon us by others.  The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation will leave it to others to advocate and analyze these historic events.  The purpose of the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation is to focus on his works, deeds, struggles, and efforts during his term as Patriarch.  It is over these 55 years of service to the Church and the nation that we have published critical historical and ecclesiastical information documenting his unflagging work and commitment to his vocation.

His Holiness life devotion and mission to the glorious Church of the East sought to educate Assyrians and non-Assyrian alike around the world about our ecclesiastic doctrines, the faith of The Church of the East and the plight of the Assyrians.

The surviving d’Mar Shimun family’s intent is to keep that legacy alive by providing a factual resource in which our beloved Patriarchs mission of education continues.  Courage, honesty, and integrity were the hallmarks of Mar Eshai Shimun’s remarkable life’s work for the Church of the East and the Assyrian people.  It is with these characteristics that the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation will continue to guide itself in the future.


The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation is dedicated to preserving and educating both Assyrians and non-Assyrians with factual information pertaining to the legacy of the Mar Shimun Patriarchal succession spanning 658 years, from 1318-1975 and their work for the Church of the East and the Assyrian nation.


  • We commit to providing impartial information.
  • Using the Mar Shimun Patriarchs as our example, with special emphasis on Mar Eshai Shimun, we will emulate their integrity in our work.
  • We will have the courage to tell the truth based solely upon factual information that has been validated.
  • We will preserve the works and deeds of the Mar Shimun legacy Patriarchs, with particular emphasis on His Holiness, Mar Eshai Shimun.


The vision of the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation is to provide educational resources preserving the history of the Mar Shimun Family Patriarchs and their contributions to the Church of the East from 1318 thru 1975 for future generations.

This resource is credible and reliable information that presents factually sound and not speculation nor conclusions derived from opinions. When you purchase a product from the Mar Shimun Memorial foundation or visit MarShimun.com you can be assured of viewing content that is the basis of actual historic events that have been validated.


he Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation is funded through the proceeds from the sales of various books and other media.  In addition, proceeds by way of donations, particularly ones made in memory of a loved one is another vehicle.  This allows the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation an opportunity to provide, print and distribute material to preserve the history of our Assyrian Nation, the contribution of the d’Mar Shimun family, and The Church of The East.

The Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation has donated monies to various Assyrian organizations, indigent Assyrians, and individuals who strive towards education and the betterment of the Assyrian community.  It is the intent to continue this journey serving as an educational resource to preserve our rich history.  Since the beginning of this endeavor over 30 years ago, the Mar Shimun Memorial Foundation has printed and distributed the following books.

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