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The official website of the d’Mar Shimun Family Patriarchs.  We offer this site for our visitors to view authentic documents, pictures, video and audio files about the d’Mar Shimun patriarchs and notable family members in their service for the Church of the East and the Assyrian nation.

A special year, 2015, marks the fortieth anniversary of Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII Catholicos-Patriarch of the East’s assassination when this remarkable leader was torn from his Church, nation and family.  Born on February 26th 1908, his accomplishments are too many to note, but a few highlights include:

  • Care and attention to his education that culminated in attending Cambridge University
  • His presence and influence at various institutions such as the League of Nations, later the United Nations and the World Council of Churches as well as his leadership among various world leaders
  • Numerous scholarly discourses delivered both in person and published
  • The creation and building of churches throughout the U.S., England, Canada and Australia beginning in the 1940’s, and the establishment of a seminary in Iran as well as the ordination and education of deacons, priests and bishops to populate these Churches around the world

Over fifty-five years of pastoral service resulted in significant accomplishments for his Church and nation. Known for his unimpeachable ethics, this unshakable moral core was the basis for his courageousness, honesty and selflessness in which he daily executed the duties and responsibilities as a patriarch who put his revered Church and Assyrian nation before anything else.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 6.02.08 PMMar Narsai Parish, San Francisco
H.H. Mar Eshai Shimun’s Patriarchal See

In The British Betrayal of the Assyrians, Yusef Malek quotes the Reverend Canon W. A.Wigram’s assessment of the British’s policy with regard to the Assyrian’s situation and of Mar Eshai Shimun’s integrity: “It is worth noting that the authorities who blamed the young man for trying for temporal power also made a habit of applying to him to ‘use his influence with the Assyrian Levy and keep it loyal’ and the man who was accused of caring only for his own family was offered a most liberal endowment for it by the government of Iraq if he were “reasonable.”

Mar Shimun’s refusal was resolute and non-negotiable:

“I take no bribe to abandon my people.”

In remembrance of our magnificent and beloved Patriarch
Mar Eshai Shimun, XXIII,
Catholicos Patriarch of the Church of the East